What is a Varicocele?

A varicocele are dilated veins in the scrotum.

What Problems Does the Varicocele Causes?

The varicocele can cause problems with infertility, pain, and an abnormal appearance of the testicles.  In pre-pubertal adolescents it can stunt the growth of the testicles.

Should I Should I Get the Varicocele Fixed?

It depends, generally the varicocele is fixed if it bothers you or you have problems with Infertility. There is a much larger number of patients who have varicoceles then those who have problems with it. For this reason, I don’t advise fixing all varicoceles.

How do you Fix the Varicocele?

Typically, varicoceles are fixed with  an outpatient surgery call varicocelectomy-  patients go home the same day after surgery. A small incision is made above the groin and the surgery is done with a microscope with all of the dilated veins tied off.

What is Recovery After Surgery Like?

Usually patients and have some pain from there surgery site that can last a few weeks. I ask patients not doing gauge in any heavy exercise or lifting for about six weeks after surgery. Patients typically wear a scrotal support and may need pain medications for a few days after surgery.

What is the Success Rate of a Varicocelectomy?

Success is defined as not having a recurrence of the varicocele and this with this definition success is about 85 to 90%.

Does the Varicocelectomy Impact my Testosterone Levels?

It might. In about two thirds of studies that have been done on this topic testosterone levels increased after varicocelectomy. This may be one additional reason to consider doing a varicocelectomy.

What are the Risks of a Varicocelectomy?

The most common risks include the risk of recurrence of the varicocele, injury to one of the arteries that feed the testicle, bleeding, infection, and the development of a hydrocele.

What are the Chances a Varicocelectomy Will Improve my Fertility?

If the varicocele has cause typical changes in your semen analysis that occur with a varicocele such as decreased motility or abnormal morphology then the chances of improving these is very good with the varicocelectomy.

Does Dr. Purohit Accept Insurance?

YES! He accepts all major insurances including Medicaid and Medicare.

What is Dr. Purohit’s Experience Treating Varicoceles?

As the Director of Reconstructive Urology at Mount Sinai, Dr. Purohit is often referred the most complicated cases that other urologists find difficult to treat.  As a result, he has extensive experience treating varicoceles successfully.