From Patients

The following is from a patient of Dr. Purohit who had a Vaginoplasty procedure. 

Selecting the surgeon who will perform your gcs is probably one of the biggest decisions a trans woman or man can make in their lives and for me it was no different. I am a 39 year old woman and at that time almost 3 years ago already, I was nearing the end of my transition but still left with some pretty major life decisions – where will I go to have gcs and what Dr should I choose to perform it? The process, like all of you know is incredibly daunting but I knew I wanted to stay in NYC, being only 30 min away and its NYC after all. So after some hardcore Google searching I found Mt Sinai and what a blessing it was. To be honest – living where I am so close to the city, really offered me a number of qualified choices, which in some respect made the decision that much harder. The data for me at least pointed to Mt Sinai and I really cant say enough about their transgender program – from the outset I knew I was in good hands. You follow the steps and you will have surgery – it is really as simple as that.

So after the initial M. Sinai screening, tests and prerequisites I now needed to select my surgeon. At the time I was given 2 options, the first was a Dr whom I had met – is a superb doctor with years of trans related surgical experience and Dr Purohit a highly accomplished surgeon in his own right but at the time a new name in trans medicine. Mt Sinai, for those who are unaware, has an international fellowship to train Dr s around the world in trans-gender surgery. This group is staffed with some big names in trans health care – one of which is Dr Marcy Bowers – her name speaks for itself. I had a big decision to make – do I go with the first Dr and wait 2+ years, at which time I may not have insurance or go with Dr Purohit whom did not have the feedback – the longer practicing other Dr had but I would however be ensured the surgery would take place in the calender year…ugh! To be honest that was an incredible draw – I simply couldn’t imagine waiting 2 years to get to where I NEEDED to be and not to mention the money issue. Of course I could have simply went somewhere else but my gut said stay at Mt Sinai and that gut intuition hadn’t let me down up until that point – so I continued to follow it. I thank myself everyday for that decision!

I met with Dr Purohit for the first time on May of 2018 – for my initial consultation. As mentioned above one of my driving factors when selecting a surgeon was time frame and how soon I would be able to have the surgery done, without compromising the end result. I realize this is not ideal but due to insurance issues I really didn’t have the luxury of waiting 2+ years for a surgery date, which is not unheard of. Had the wait extended beyond 1 year I would have never been able to afford the surgery. In this regard the decision was almost made for me – I simply wasn’t willing to risk it. Other hospitals had similarly long wait times. Luckily for me, my option Dr Purohit, whom was the only Dr that could afford me that time guarantee, was beyond qualified. I had thoroughly reviewed Dr Purohit’s medical credentials and knew immediately that his current area of expertise and training, along with Mt Sinai’s extensive support system both for myself and the Dr, would ensure that I would be getting the best care in the world and that calculus was correct in every regard.

The consultation with Dr Purohit were exactly the reassurances I was looking for when selecting a Dr – he checked off all my boxes and it was an extensive list. He immediately put me at ease and with such a gentle and kind way about him, this can be extremely stressful and it wasn’t at all with him. I asked him a ton of questions and he answered them all thoroughly – giving me as much time as I needed. As soon as I left his office I knew he would be performing my surgery. Considering the position I was placed in – I now felt confidently reassured, that I was making the right choice. Simply put – I had complete trust in him.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his staff – they are amazing from the back to front. A huge thank you to Stacy and Samantha – love you girls! They jumped through some major hoops getting my insurance pushed through. The best 10/10. So yes – I did end up choosing Dr Purohit to perform my surgery and after some tense insurance moments I was cleared for surgery and given a date of Aug 30 2018 – only a few months away! It was really happening.

The night prior to surgery is surreal – at this point you are in the hands of your doctors and I could not be in better. I slept well and had to be at the hospital by 6am – after paperwork and prep I met with Dr Purohit one last time. I was ready and so was he. I almost couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I was ecstatic and free of worry. My surgery went well and after waking from anaesthesia Dr Purohit visited me and did so everyday for the rest of my 4 day stay. I always looked forward to seeing him.

So now that the surgery is complete – I had the long recovery process ahead of me and lots of follow up appointments. The first couple weeks are difficult, simply because of immobility and needing to wear a catheter, but I had Dr Purohit’s personal cell number and could reach him anytime for anything. This was very comforting because of course I had a million questions and he answered everyone. I learned patience is key when healing – it just takes time. I dilated like it was my job the first year. I never missed a session and trust me, it gets tight if you don’t adhere to the schedule but I always did more than I needed to and now 2 years later everything is perfect – just as I had left surgery. Depth is perfect as is canal diameter – I am able to fully accommodate any partner without issue. What everyone wants to know – how does it look? To say its perfect would be an understatement – I am beyond thrilled with the end result almost 2 years later. Do I look at it everyday and say wow that is beautiful lol yes. Beautifully formed labia, clitoral hood, depth, minimal scarring, urine flow, orgasm, and sensation is all there. Sex is amazing, I am fully orgasmic, lubricate on arousal and discharge when orgasming. I don’t even know if this is typical but its amazing! Men have told me that it feels identical to a cis vagina in every-way.

As I said earlier, I thank myself everyday for deciding to go with Mt Sinai and Dr Purohit – they have changed my life immeasurably and I will forever be indebted to them. Life is wonderful – experiencing intimate relationships for the first time, living as yourself and not having a care in the world – is worth all the pain and struggle. I am proof of that and I thank Dr Purohit from the bottom of my heart for making that a reality for me.

Thank you so much Dr Purohit and staff <3


– Mia

May 4, 2020

Dr. Purohit did an awesome job on my Vaginoplasty 8 months ago, he was very sweet kind and understanding and answered all my questions it was a work of art and I am so happy with how it came out he has changed my life forever and I truly appreciate him and his staff for the kindness that they showed to me and my family and the time they took to make me feel comfortable. I truly recommend them for all of your surgical needs.

Thank you – H