Buried Penis

What is a Buried Penis?

A buried penis occurs when the penis is either buried under fat in obese men or scar tissue traps the penis. This can occur if patients have had a badly done circumcision where too much tissue was removed or have developed a condition called lichen sclerosus which is a chronic scarring disorder.

What is the Problem With Having a Buried Penis?

If it does not bother you then it is not a problem. However, many patients find that they have spraying with urination and have trouble with intercourse because of the buried penis.

How do you Treat a Buried Penis?

Ultimately the treatment for this depends on the cause. If the buried penis is from too much fat then the fat needs to be excised and a plastic surgery type of operation needs to be done on the tissue above the penis to give a more normal appearance to the penis and free it up. If the buried penis is from scar tissue then the scar tissue must be cut out and typically skin flaps need to be used to provide extra coverage of the penis. In addition, the penis needs to be freed up from any scar tissue underlying the skin as well.

How Big an Operation is it to Treat a Buried Penis?

Typically, patients stay in the hospital overnight. But they will be a big tummy tuck like incision where are the fat is removed. Recovery can take a few weeks. And I advised against sex for at least six weeks.

What are Dr. Purohit’s Results in Correcting the Buried Penis?

Patients generally have been very satisfied with both the cosmetic and functional appearance after surgery. Here are some of our results:

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